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  1. Plural of pedal


  1. third-person singular of pedal

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''Distinguish from paddle and petal and the verb peddle.
The word pedal comes from the Latin (pes, Pedis) and relates to the foot.
A pedal is a lever activated by one's foot. Examples include:
  • Automobile pedal
  • Bicycle pedal
  • Pedalo, a small boat, usually used for recreational purposes, powered by pedals
  • Piano pedals
  • Pedal keyboard, on pipe and electronic organs, which contains approximately one dozen to three dozen pedals that resemble the keyboards (or "manuals"); when one of these pedals is depressed, it causes a note (or group of notes) to sound
  • Effects pedal, used commonly for electric guitars
  • Pedal tone, a nonchord tone, usually the tonic or dominant held for an extended period of time
In Geometry:
  • Pedal triangle, a triangle obtained by projecting a point onto the sides of a triangle
  • Pedal curve, a curve derived by construction from a given curve
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